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Capriciousness is typical for all children, but in families where there is overprotection, this trait in adulthood develops in an element of infantilism. Accordingly, in the future, during an educational period, these children will prefer humanitarian or actually "scientific" disciplines in contrast to commercial and business-programs, interest to which will show not too overprotected children.

If your child likes to be in the spotlight and (or) can show independence and insolence, both traits he inherited from his parents. Later, the first feature will contribute to the good ability of adaptation and interest in the social sciences, the second, alongside with such collateral properties as an ability to tease, badger, will determine predisposition to any innovative work.

The element of eccentricity and originality in behavior of your children indicates the presence of rich imagination, absorption in creating inner worlds. If vital circumstances do not put them face to face with the "humdrum of life" (for example, necessity to earn a living, in contrast to going to college), this feature can grow into a strong creative potential (art, analytical work, advertising).

In general, interest to social sciences will show warmhearted, assertive and enthusiastic kids, to liberal arts - sensitive and outgoing, natural sciences - more reserved and cool.

Teachers at school and university positively appreciate a readiness for interaction, ability quickly assimilate the new material, obedience, conscientiousness, desire to take on the duties, element of distance from the coevals, and also discipline.


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