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Business partner selection

When selecting a business partner, it is first necessary to consider his conscientiousness as well as the responsibility and sense of duty.

It is easy to deal with someone who feels a partner "on the tip of a knife," while difficult - with a partner having rigorous standards in work and personal relationships.

When solving business challenges it is better to turn to people standing on a practical basis, rather than individuals with potentially unrealistic orientation.

If you are dealing with a person which combines the spirit of entrepreneurship and the preference of its own decisions, especially in conjunction of low responsibility, it is likely that your business partner will lead you beyond the law.

Hiring an employee

When selecting an employee, if it is not a salesman position, it is advisable not to take people who spend a lot of time for conversation. Optimal features are the seriousness, maturity of character, sense of duty.

Employees with high mental abilities, combined with shrewdness and a tendency to dominate, can cause you a lot of trouble with their "observations" and attempts to manipulate others.

When hiring domestic workers it should be paid attention to the potential propensity to snoop, lack of subordination and dominance, leading to conflicts with the owner.

When selecting a driver, it is necessary to consider alertness, readiness to prompt actions and high self-control, in contrast with self-absorption, a tendency to retreat from the outside world and low self-control, determining predisposition to traffic accidents.


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