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The most important parameters to determine the emotional and mental health is the absence of neurotic symptoms and a low level of internal anxiety.

General neurotic type is characterized by hypochondria, anxiety and difficulty of determining the socio-understandable behavior. Neglecting established norms of moral standards and the ability to go "upstream" determine the potential ability of a person to break the conventional rules of behavior and to defy the law.

Alcoholic model

Model of the determinative traits of alcoholic

Psychopath model

Model of the determinative traits of psychopath

Criminal model

Model of the determinative traits of criminal

Alcoholics are emotionally unstable, inhibited, sensitive, irritable, easily seduced from practical judgment.

Psychopaths are extremely aggressive, impulsive and expressive, being marked with the lowest level of following the established moral standards and a combination of feeling others' emotions with an intense subjectivity and inner mental life.

General type of the criminal is defined by high degree of internal anxiety, contempt for the established moral values, ability to go "against the flow," as well as the combination of sentimentality and unreality.

Narcotic addict model

Model of the determinative traits of narcotic addict

Sociopath model

Model of the determinative traits of sociopath

Sex criminal model

Model of the determinative traits of sex criminal

Narcotic addicts are characterized by hardly compatible combination of empathy and self-sufficiency on the background of low emotional stability, sensitivity, uneasiness and extremely high absorption in an unreal, fantastic inner world.

Sociopaths are characterized by high interest in other people's lives, alongside with low emotional stability and self-control of behavior.

Those responsible for sexual offenses have a poor judgment, are sentimental and unrealistic, being marked with a high degree of anxiety.

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